Chris Ramos

Chris was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas. He also lived in Austin, Texas for a couple of years in the late 90’s. He always seemed to excel in art while attending public school, and always placed in the Lubbock Arts Festivals. In 1982-83 his 6th grade teacher thought that he and a couple of peers had a talent they could tap into, so she gave them oil-panting lessons after school. He pursued art through junior high and high school, and took various art and design classes at Texas Tech.

He draws inspiration from many sources including; God, his Mexican heritage, family, religion, architecture, astronomy, history, politics, nature, geometrical shapes, color, beauty, line, value, hue, minimalism, texture, and abstract expressionism. He is also very inspired by various types of electronica and rock music. Chris says “Music has always played an important role in my creative process as background in my life, as I paint, or in everyday life experiences as a soundtrack. Music is my therapy and art is my release”.